You’re a Grace Hero!


Thank you so much for helping more people hear and walk in our fullness with Christ by grace!

There are so many folks who struggle to be a better Christian or to earn and cause what God freely gives us by grace, never realizing the fullness and freedom, the joy and rest, we have in abiding relationship with Christ by His work on the Cross!

But Jesus said He came to GIVE abundant Life, and that HE IS The Life we receive by grace! Your gracious gift below will help share the message of His Life in Us by grace to thousands of people like Luis, who shared…

“After years of struggling to make sense of what I saw in God’s Word and what I heard in church growing up, I finally am seeing it all make sense as I hear your message, Mike! You not only talking ABOUT grace, but make the whole Bible make sense from the perspective of Christ IN US! I’m learning to trust and rest and just enjoy God every day like I never realized I could. Thanks so much. Please keep sharing!”

Thank you for giving below to help more people like Matt find freedom in the grace of God.

Thanks, my friend, for partnering with me to help more people like Luis find the rest and relationship in Christ that is ours by grace.