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Life by Jesus - Ep 3: Revelation of "NOT You"

The horrible cycle of effort, struggle, failure, and striving all over again is not your destiny in Christ! Whether a coping mechanism like addiction or a personal struggle like anger or pride, coveting or pride, God is more than you feel lacking to be victorious in Christ... If only you have revelation of "NOT YOU" in Christ! You're going to love this!

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Key #7 - Be the "WE"

What does letting God work to bring about 1-being a same side spouse, 2-Adulting in your relationship, 3-understanding canteens and teacups, 4-an elevated marriage paradigm, 5--embracing circuit boards & tin cans, and 6-water-walking marriage accomplish? It causes you to live as "we" instead of a "me". It makes us one together in Christ. Join Mike as we embrace union in marriage like never before in this finale to 7 Keys of Christ-Empowered Marriage!

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