Key #7 - Be the "WE"


What does letting God work to bring about 1-being a same side spouse, 2-Adulting in your relationship, 3-understanding canteens and teacups, 4-an elevated marriage paradigm, 5--embracing circuit boards & tin cans, and 6-water-walking marriage accomplish? It causes you to live as "we" instead of a "me". It makes us one together in Christ. Join Mike as we embrace union in marriage like never before in this finale to 7 Keys of Christ-Empowered Marriage!


After watching Key #7…

1) Spend some time thing through each of the keys in the “Christ Empowered Marriage” course, and write down what strikes you about each idea:

  • Being a “Same Side” Spouse

  • Of Teacups & Canteens

  • “Adulting” in Marriage

  • Having “An Elevated Marriage”

  • Communicating as “Circuit Boards & Tin Cans”

  • Having a “Water Walking” Marriage

  • And what is means to Be the “WE” in marriage.

2) Which of these has been most impactful for you, and why? (doesn’t have to be just one)

3) Discuss the role of husband and wife and why those roles are impossible (not because of your spouse, of course). Why does recollecting Peter’s water walk give hope for marriage?

4) What according to Mike, in your words, is the goal of marriage? How can you begin together to pursue that goal more?

5) Lastly, spend time praying for your marriage and your spouse as your look to Christ and let Him lead, supply, empower your marriage, and share what you’re walking away with below…

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