Key #6 - Water-Walking Marriage


Join Mike in Key #6 - All the keys and tips and even Scriptures instructing us in marriage have one thing in common:  They are completely IMPOSSIBLE for us, but as we are willing, we experience Christ's indwelling Life and His ability as it meets our availability!  Discover how to have a WATER-WALKING marriage, living the impossible life of Christ in union with your spouse, in key 6 today!


After watching Key #6…

1) What expectations and desires in marriage seem impossible if it isn't Christ who accomplishes them?

2) How is Mike's encouragement different from just saying, "Trust God to help you as a spouse?"

3) How might you pray for and pursue Christ to be your life in your role as a husband or wife to your spouse?  Which of the previous keys seems most impossible apart from Him?

4) How might you encourage your spouse right now in the impossible life God calls them to as your husband or wife?

What thoughts or questions come to mind as you engage this lesson?

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