Key #5 - Circuit Boards and Tin Cups


Join Mike in Key #5 - Circuit Boards & Tin Cans, savoring the difference of men and women in marriage

Discover how husbands and wives fulfill God's perfect design for marriage through their unique design and union together!  Also, see what REAL leadership is, and the order of emotional overflow from God to marriage!


After watching Key #5…

1) How does Mike define leadership differently that the world and much of the Church?  Why is that important in marriage?

2) Have you experienced operating from an empty emotional cup?  How can God use your spouse to fill you up and give your marriage margin?

3) Husbands, how can you initiate to make a positive change in being used by God in your marriage?  Wives, how can you respond, support, and encourage him through the sometimes awkward beginnings of initiating as a leader with you?

4)  Spend a few minutes praying for each other and thanking God for the opportunity to live out His Life through union with your spouse.

What thoughts or questions come to mind as you engage this lesson?

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