Key #3 - "Adulting" in Marriage


Key #3 in our series, "7 Keys to Christ-Empowered Marriage"... What does it mean to be an adult toward our spouse, and how, we all our needs and slights and justifications is this remotely possible? You've gotta see this!


After watching Key #3…

1) Take the unique opportunity to pray with your spouse that God reveals the truth shared!

2) Read Matthew 18:2-4 and discuss how adulting in marriage means being like a child toward God.  What is difficult about this and what is comforting?

3) Consider sharing where you have tried to get needs met from sources God hasn't intended.  How MIGHT God use your spouse to meet a need, and what would it mean to depend upon God instead of your spouse for your needs?

What thoughts or questions come to mind as you engage this lesson?

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