Key #2 - Of Teacups & Canteens


How do husbands and wives uniquely add value to our relationships? How has God wired us to bring stability and security as well as excitement and emotional substance? Check out this key #2 of "7 Keys to Christ-Empowered Marriage" from Mike Q. Daniel Ministries!


Having discussed being a same-side spouse, lesson two challenges us to edify the unique roles of husbands and wives - where have you done this in your marriage, and how can you do better going forward?

After watching this key…

1) Take the unique opportunity to pray with your spouse that God reveals the truth shared!

2) Read the verses mentioned and share any thoughts or questions with Mike in the form below!

3) Mike shares how canteens value what is inside, but teacups give value to others and circumstances (like a dinner party) How do wives bring value to relationships from life's circumstances, while husbands add value to the wives as cherishable?  Consider the value of protection water on a hike versus the value of a special guest when you use the "good china" and pray to honor and encourage each other in these roles and in seeing life from one another' perspective!

What thoughts or questions come to mind as you engage this lesson?

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